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Standard Thin Film Transistor Liquid-Crystal Display (TFT LCD) Modules are made using advanced and hi-end color reproduction and imaging technologies. These modules are used in various devices and gadgets like kindles, navigation system in airplane cockpit, ticketing machines, smart phones, televisions, etc., and aids in providing viewers a clear and precise view of the image or video. These extraordinarily constructed modules are available in various sizes, ranging from 2.4 inch to 3.5 inch, and fit the appliance according to the requirement. Standard TFT LCD Modules possess white LED back light that saves power in the long run.

Key Points:

  • Stylish design, excellent visibility, and easy installation.

  • Availability in various standard sizes and display formats.

  • Shows high resistivity to touch panel.

  • Showcase detailed images, bright colors and rich graphics.

TFT LCD is something that provides exceedingly high contrast, luminance and color saturated image on a wide variety of appliances. What we specialize in offering is TFT LCD Displays With Controller Board, so as to aid viewers get a better display of what they are watching and to easily control display's functioning. TFT LCD Displays With Controller Board are good to invest in because they are highly cost-effective, efficient, renders reliable result and serves for quite a long time. This type of display also renders screen touch facility.

Key Points:

  • Availability in various sizes like 4.3 inch and 3.5 inch.

  • The front is made up of anti-glare glass, so as to provide better visibility and the back is made of solid material to prevent the display from opening.

  • Possess Resistive Touch Panel (RTP).

  • The back light of this display is usually white.

TFT displays are something that have become the most common part of people's everyday life because they find applicability in various appliances and are used for both normal consumer products and industrial applications. Of all the appliances available in the market today, possess High Brightness TFT Display. Reason behind this display's vast applicability is that it is the most advanced and appreciated forms of LCD that renders viewers high brightness. High Brightness TFT Display are frequently being used in those appliances or devices that require compact or small screen.

Key Points:

  • Are made using advanced technology rather than traditional silicon wafer technology.

  • Especially developed to render high brightness.

  • Better clarity, impressive response and immediate on/off.

  • TFT Display finds application in Video camera display, ATM machines, GPS systems, printer display, remote control displays.

All In One TFT LCD Displays that we are engaged in offering are also known as clever system TFT LCD Displays because they give viewers a bright and colorful display on the appliances they are using, especially flat panel displays like television and projector. This display possess two user interfaces, four switches sensor buttons and gives an option of adjusting the brightness of back light. There are various advantages of using our especially designed All In One TFT LCD Displays, some of which are convenience of up gradation, USB adapter accessibility and flash storage.

Key Points:

  • There is a micro controller attached to the back of TFT panel.

  • TFT LCD displays offers high brightness and contrast, thus making customers see the best view.

  • Availability in 3.5 and 4.3 inches TFT Display.

  • Possess a built-in controller and a control board.

One of the most ideal and impressive high performance displays to find applicability majorly in automotive and industrial applications is Monochrome TFT LCD. This type of LCD possess matrix TFT technology and is a low cost substitute for full color displays. It is an improved version of traditional STN graphic display and is designed especially to render better brightness and contrast, along with immediate response. Monochrome TFT LCD's technology is not common like color TFT, possess excellent contrast ratio and in-built controller with MCU Interface.

Key Points:

  • To drive it, users can use regular microprocessor.

  • It's perfect for those devices that doesn't necessitate full color like visual/audio display and automotive instruments.

  • Offers wide view angles, high resolution, readability in sunlight and quick response time.

  • An excellent and cost-defective replacement of DFSTN.

When it comes to displaying panoramic content or images, which can catch the sight as well as attention of audience, what can more impressive than using Bar LCD Display! As the very name of the display suggest, it is a long and widely stretched LCD display that majorly find applicability in public transports like street cars, on-board trains, buses, taxi cabs, and advertising displays installed at railway stations, bus stations, airports, hotels, hospitals, etc. The wide applicability of Bar LCD Display in aforesaid or outdoor areas is due to its impressive visibility and readability in the rays of sun.

Key Points:

  • This type of display is also known as Stretched format display.

  • Availability in various aspect ratio's and sizes.

  • Offers open frame model, excellent readability even in sunlight and provides exceedingly wide aspect ratios.

  • 5.2 inch and 3.9 inch are two sizes in which this LCD display can be availed.

Having a type of display screen that can render immediate response, better image quality, high resolution and great view angle in extreme cold and hot climatic conditions is something that will every person desire for. Keep this mind and cohering to the same, we have developed and designed Wide Temperature TFT LCD, which can be operated in a temperature range of -40 degree Celsius to +85 degree Celsius. 3.5 inch, 4.3 inch and 5.7 inch are three sizes in which Wide Temperature TFT LCD is available.

Key Points:

  • Is especially designed to install in both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • This type of LCD can be installed even in those areas where there are extreme climatic conditions.

  • Technologically advanced and hi-end TFT LCD.

  • Cost-effective performance ratio and longer serving life.

HDMI TFT LCD Display is developed and designed to perform efficient and reliable function with embedded systems like single board computers and laptops or Raspberry Pi, that comes with HDMI Output. 5 inch and 7 inch are two standard sizes in which HDMI TFT LCD Display can be availed from us. The modules of this particular display has control board along with High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI). The reason behind its development is that it makes the usage of Raspberry Pi more easy and convenient.


  • It gives immediate and good touch response.

  • It is also available in without panel option.

  • Supports CTP, RTP with USB interface, PC, ABD Raspberry Pi GPIO.

  • Cost-effective display, appealing screen, and high resolution.

Touch screen interfaces are something that have changed the lives of people, by adding fun to interact with devices. When working with interfaces like selecting an option on washing machine, using a kiosk at bank, adjusting the temperature or capacity of an industrial appliance, along with a host of various others, it is LCD Touch Panel that has been used to make the touch screen work easy and convenient. It is one of the best options when you want to select options on screen quickly. LCD Touch Panel that we are engaged in offering is highly demanded in the market because of its performance and cost-effectiveness.

Key Points:

  • Enhanced and impressive user experience in both consumer and industrial appliances.

  • Touch response time, resolution, content and image quality are something for which this touch panel is worth investing in.

  • Can be operated with gloved and non-gloved hands.

  • Just one touch to make things done.