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OLED Module

One of the best display technologies, which also have been named as the future technology is OLED Module. OLED stands for Organic light-emitting diode and is used in various appliances and devices, hi-end smart phones and televisions are a few to name. The brightness of this module can be controlled on the basis of pixel-by-pixel. When compared with LCD, OLED Module is way higher in terms of contrast and resolution or one can say there is no contrast of OLED in black level.

Key Points:

  • Especially developed and designed to make digital display of television, computer, handled game consoled, etc.

  • This type of module is operated and moved with active-matrix (AMOLED) or passive-matrix (PMOLED) power scheme.

  • Displays deep black level and works without back light.

  • In comparison to LCD, It has higher contrast ratio.